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 Source : African politics

Permit my exercise in tautology to state for the umpteenth time and as we all know that Africa has been mostly stagnant if not receding and also has been plagued over the years with political and socio-economic mishaps; poor governance, poverty, illiteracy, underdeveloped and undeveloped in some areas and volatility in many areas. Over the years many scholars have deduced that our

problems are as a result of the inhumane effects of slavery and colonisation. Slavery ended in the 1800s while colonisation for the better part ended in the 1960/70s. This is around 30-40years of independence and still Africa stands at a distant far compared with other colonised parts of the world.

So why is Africa still majorly stagnant and un/underdeveloped?

Let me take you back to first independent African nation- Ghana and to the book of its great men if not the greatest Kwame Nkrumah…

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