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Amsterdam -Victory Ingabire’s home in the village of Zevenhuizen, close to Rotterdam in the Netherlands was raided on Monday morning around 9 am (local time) by 12 officers of the Rotterdam Department of Justice. Both Ingabire’s husband, Lin Muyizere, and the Department of Justice confirmed the news to Radio Netherlands Worldwide.
According to Muyizere, the officers did not show a search warrant, although they said they were in possession of one. They searched the entire house and a vehicle.

Several documents and computer equipment were taken away by police for further investigation. In case of any relevancy, the equipment and documents will be sent to the prosecutor’s office in Rwanda.

A spokesman for the Rotterdam Department of Justice said the search has been conducted under the instruction of the Rwandan authorities. A second search party was carried out in the Dutch town of Bilthoven.

« Why would the Dutch government execute orders from Kigali while cutting direct aid to Rwanda because of violations of human rights? » asked Joel Voordewind from the Dutch political party ChristenUnie today in parliament.

Ingabire’s lawyer Jan Hofdijk, who reported the incident at the police station, is furious: