Kigali 19 November 2010

Today FDU INKINGI party members visited party Chair Ms. Victoire INGABIRE in Kigali maximum prison. She remains a symbol of a national struggle, a freedom icon and a democracy martyr. She encouraged the visiting colleagues and members in the following terms: « this place is like hell, and there is no relief in hell. But only our determination, courage and faith help the martyrs to endure extreme moments. My incarceration should strengthen the fire of hope for a lasting solution in Rwanda. This is part of the non-violent struggle for democracy and the Prison is one of dictators’ favourite weapons ».
Her security detail inside the prison seems more impressing and two female inmates have been relaying each other in her cell.

The Prosecution is not yet ready for the trial. The intimidation is still going on towards party members inside Rwanda and house staff. Almost every staff has been blackmailed either to support the prosecution evidence, either to face the security machinery as enemies of the state. No one was spared: private secretaries, kitchen staff, gardeners and watchmen. Some party members have been arrested in different parts of the country. The key witness, the so called « Major » Vital UWUMUREMYI, paraded by the prosecution has never been a member of the former Rwandan army before the genocide. It is only in exile in the DRC, when he enrolled for officer’s training course and according to our records until his repatriation in February 2009, he has never been given the rank of « Major », either in the rebellion, either in the ruling Rwandan Defence Forces. He was promoted to this rank by some propaganda for the purpose of this politically motivated trial. We officially challenge the government to substantiate with official army records his military training in Rwanda before or after the genocide.

The reactions of the international community to the detention of our party leader are strong and powerful signals to the Rwandan people and Africans in terms of knowing whether there are genuine friends of Rwanda and in which circumstances they can rely on them. We are very grateful for the efforts carried on and by the work being done by some countries for the unconditional release of Ms. Victoire INGABIRE.

Secretary General