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Paul Kagame is expected in Spain friday july 16, a great opportunity for him to pay a visit to the families of the nine Spanish citizens that were butchered at his orders both in Rwanda and Congo:

The Spanish Committees in Solidarity with Black Africa (UMOYA) states in a declaration:

« The father Vallmajó « disappeared » in April 1994 in Byumba, apparently having witnessed the killing of 2,500 people (by the RPF) gathered in the stadium. Uzcudun Isidro was murdered in June 2000, who witnessed in his parish of Mugina that the RPF had killed 1325 people. Four Spanish Marist Brothers were killed in October 1996 in Zaire for demanding international intervention that would avoid the extermination of the refugees (by the RPF). Three Spanish Doctors of the World committed the imprudence of disseminating their discovery in January 1997 of a pit full of corpses and noted that the RPF carried out massacres of civilians in Ruhengeri. (and were subsequently assassinated)  »

Adolfo Esquivel ,Nobel Peace Prize winner, and president of the well-known christian human rights organisation Servicio Paz y Justicia in Buenos- Aires has written to Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodríguez Zapatero:

« I regret that the UN Secretary General Mr. Ban Ki Moon, does not have the wisdom and courage to avoid that an individual responsable for genocide, Paul Kagame, is honored by co-chairing with you the Committee on MDG’s, to overcome hunger and poverty, the UN goals for making the world more just and humane. The contradiction here is enormous between words and deeds. »

Paul Kagame is expected to explain to the families of these nine murdered Spanish Citizens how it was necessary to « dismantle the camps in eastern DRC » as he did in an interview last week on « booker rising » a blog that has fallen for Paul Kagame’s cheap propaganda.

No doubt he wil also refer these families to comments by his faithfull supporters Thomas P. Odom and Stan Reber at SmallWarsJournal:

« We are quite well aware of Alison Des Forges at HRW. The same holds true concerning the French judge (Anti-terrorism judge Jean-Louis Bruguiere report can be read here) who issued those most dubious charges. Also aware of the Spanish charges, again dubious. No one including me –or Paul Kagame–claims that the RPA was innocent of revenge killings in 1994 into 1998. The issue has always been a question of whether government policy supported such killings. From my perspective on the ground from 1994 into 1996 it did not (ColoredOpions: Paul Kagame’s own statement below contradicts this).

From the perspective of my successor Rick Orth and my 2nd Ambassador Robert Gribbin it did not. Like me Bob has writtten a book on his time there »
(I would advise these two clowns to read the Bruguiere report and listen carefully to what Jacques Hogard ,a French officer of the paratroopers of the  » Légion étrangère » in Rwanda in 1994, has to say in this interview and come back with something more substantial then their usual hyped insults)

The family of the nine Spanish citizens, who filed complaint in 2005, on the other hand will refer Paul Kagame to the decision by Spanish National Court judge Fernando Andreu, in 2008, to sign an indictment against 40 senior Rwandan military officers accused of crimes, including murder of nine Spanish, missionaries and aid workers. This order states that:

« From October 1990 onward, a group (RPF) political-military structure (–) initiated a series of criminal activities (–) and once in the power « created and developed a criminal structure parallel to the State (–), which invaded the Democratic Republic of Congo » causing indiscriminate massacres and looting.  »

In 2008 Paul Kagame commented:

« If I could meet him (Fernando Andreu), I would tell him to go to hell, » (if Fernando Andreu would live in Rwanda that would have probably meant that he would be found dead the next week, ditched in a river, and we would read in the newspaper that he was robbed)


« All the people indicted were under my command. He should put all the responsibility on my shoulders and wait until I am out of the office »

It would probably be much better for Jose Luis Rodríguez Zapatero to invite Paul Kagame August 10, after a firm EU declaration that it does not recognize the rigged Rwandan election process, and no longer considers Paul Kagame protected by his Presidential immunity. Then Paul Kagame could continue his discussion on MDG’s in Madrid for a much longer period.

He might even be spending time together with his long time friend Kayumba Nyamwasa.