In the Lybian detention camp of Misratah a group of Eritrean asylum seekers rebelled against the Lybian Police, because they refused to give their personal details to the Eritrea’s Embassy.
More then 200 of them have been deported inside containers to the detention camp of Brak, near Sabah, in the middle of the Sahara Desert,
Some of them were rejected last year in the Mediterranean Sea by the Italian Police.
If they had reached Italy, they would probably have received the humanitarian protection.
But they are now under the violence of the Lybian Police and they risk to be deported back to Eritrea, the dictatorial country form where they are tryng to escape.

We have to stop it.
We ask to everybody to write as soon as possible to the President of the Italian Republic.
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The International Community and the humanitarian Organizations are mobilizing .
Hon. Jean-Leonard Tuadì has presented a parliamentary question.
Violence and injustices in Libya are unmistakable and clearly visible to all.
Policy of rejects of immigrants only produce violence and violation of human rights.
The policy of Home Secretary Hon. Roberto Maroni made Italy an illegal Country  compared to international conventions.

We have to stop it.